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Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter
A weapon in the war against pet hair. This is the most effective product on the market for removing fine pet hair from clothing, upholstery and automobile interiors. Our customers have praised The Pet Hair Lifter® for removing dog hair, cat hair, horse hair and even lion hair. Once the sponge becomes soiled, wash it out with soap and water, allow to dry, then reuse over and over again.
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Item Number: PHL12D
Price: $5.99
Size: 1 Sponge
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Use on upholstery, carpet, drapes, clothing, bedding, pet areas and more!
  1. Hold the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter in your hand.
  2. Remove hair, dust, dirt, etc. with an even, sweeping motion, beginning from the top of the surface being cleaned.
  3. Exert moderate pressure.
  4. As sponge becomes saturated with dust and dirt, use unsoiled areas to finish cleaning.
  5. It can be banged against a hard surface to remove dust and dirt and use it again and again.
  6. When the sponge becomes very soiled, it can be washed with soap and water.
  7. Allow to dry thoroughly before reuse.

Will not scratch or smear surfaces.
DO NOT STORE near heat or in direct sunlight.
Made in USA.

More uses for the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter:
  • Cleans dust, dirt and pollen from window screens.
  • Cleans lampshades, venetian blinds and drapes
  • Cleans auto interiors
  • Cleans dust from acoustical tiles, lights and ceiling vents
  • Cleans baseboards and areas above heat registers
  • Cleans computer screens
  • Cleans walls and woodwork for painting
  • Cleans pet hair from carpets, upholstery and clothing
  • Cleans wallpaper, woodwork and painted walls
  • Cleans carpets and pet areas
  • Cleans windows and mirrors
  • Cleans auto upholstery
  • Cleans suede
  • Cleans soot
  • A great lint remover
  • Cleans TV and computer screens
  • Cleans books
  • Cleans air conditioners, radiators and vents
  • Cleans acoustical tiles, light fixtures and ceiling vents
  • Removes copy machine toner from clothes and hands
  • Cleans office furniture
  • Perfect tack cloth
  • Cleans ceiling fans
  • And more!